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Zip Set 1 - Kate's Bath
144 Pictures (13 MB) Zip Set 2 - Kate & Baby Oil
135 Pictures (16 MB) & 1 Video (5 minutes - 19 MB)

click on pictures for preview Watch me as I take a bubble bath and then to top if off, I then take a shower and dry off, all the while being fully nude. All for only 12$

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click on pictures for preview Check me out rubbing baby oil all over my naked body! This set is HOT! Make sure I doesn't miss a single spot ... Be sure to check out the video as well, a full 5 minutes! All this for only $15


Kate & Her Popsicle

Zip Set 3 - Kate & Her Popsicle
159 Pictures (15 MB) & 1 Video (4:50 minutes - 18 MB) Zip Set 4 - Kate & Kaylee's Babyoil Fun
155 Pictures (18 MB) & 2 Videos (13:09 minutes - 48 MB)

click on pictures for preview Is it hot in here or is it just me?? Watch me cool down with a popcicle! This is by far my most daring set yet! There are so many nude pics of me... it's all most TOO much skin! And be sure to check out the video, it's almost a full 5 minutes long! For only $15

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click on pictures for preview You gotta love babyoil!!! Kaylee and I do. We had lots of fun getting greased up & naked! And there are 2 videos with this zipset... one of Kaylee and I wrestling around all greasy and slippery. And the other video is of us in the shower, soaping each other up!. All this for only 20$



Name: Kate
Age: 19
Birthdate: November 22
Measurements: 34-25-35
Weight: 115lbs
Height: 5'3
Hair colour: It varies, but right now it's dark brown
Eye colour: Hazel
Favorite Lingerie: Tinny booty shorts
Favorite colour: Pink
Favorite movies: Planet of the apes, Lord of the ring, Star wars
Favorite passtime: Teasing boys *hehe*, shopping and playing video games
Favorite food: Hawaiian Pizza
Favorite book: Life of Pi by Yann Martel, or anything Sci-fi
Favorite type of music: Hip hop


kates playground nude

Hey guys, welcome to my Playground! My name is Kate, I'm 19 years old and from BC, Canada. I started this website in August of 2003 and SOO much has changed since then! There are 2 weekly picture updates as well as the occasional addition of videos. There are over 7000 high quality pictures, over 14000 webcam pictures and 42 videos in the members are just for you! I also host weekly one hour webcam chats with my members, and you can talk with me on my message board! It's so much fun!

I hope to see you all inside... And I know you'll be seeing MUCH more of me then!!

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